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Custom Swing Tags

Custom swing tag is one of the excellent selections in terms of building business awareness, most likely to DIYers. This can make products even more stylish & build customers attachment to your products. Moreover, it added the effectiveness of your marketing strategy as an integral part of brand communication.

StickerZone provides premium quality custom swing tags at the most competitive rate with different custom designs. Flaunt it to your produce, invitations, stationaries or even on your DIY projects. We can add holes based on clients require to add a private touch to their tags. Swing tags present uniqueness to your branding & support its elegance undoubtedly captivate the crowd’s attention once promoted.

Like our exquisitely custom swing tags to help you arrive the best from your design. Our expert’s designers and experienced custom service representatives are available to help you with your next swing tag printing job. Call us at (+44) 161 850 8732 or email us help@sticker.co.uk one for your swing tags need now.

  • Card Stock

    Standard White 250gsm

    Standard White 300gsm

    Royal Matte White 350gsm

    Royal Linen White 350gsm

    Royal Aquarelle White 350gsm

    Vintage Kraft 300gsm

    Matte Black 350gsm

    Dark Brown 350gsm

  • Finishing


    Have a non-lustrous surface, with a more expensive look than Matt coated one.

    Matte Coated

    Have a subtle shine. Coating restricts the number of ink that is absorbed by the paper & how the ink bleeds into the paper.

    Glossy Coated

    Have a glossy shine. Coating restricts the amount of ink that is absorbed by the paper and how the ink bleeds into the paper.

  • Print Features

    Foil Stamp

    Emboss & Deboss

    Die Cut

    Punch Holes



    Laser Cut

  • Available Print

    Silver (Matte Black 350gsm only)

    Gold (Matte Black 350gsm only)

    White (Dark Brown 350gsm only)

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Our cheap Swing Tags info

Buy Swing Tags For Products

Nothing says “Buy Me” more than an excellent looking custom swing tags (or hang tag) and our luxury personalised tags are printed on different stocks which include a smooth silky finish, a slightly textured recycled and an all-out brown Kraft Board. They are printed in full colour to one or both surfaces and the card can be written on with minimal smudging. Pick from either a 3mm or 6mm hole punched at the top in the centre of the hang tag. The 6mm hole is if you want to add a string or ribbon you can do so with easy threading or choose the 3mm hole when utilising certain tagging guns which use the plastic barbs. The card we use is great quality so the string will not pull off easily. Now although these custom swing tags are mainly utilised for attaching to products more recently they have become popular with weddings for either place names or attaching to gifts for the attendees.

So far nothing in the way of big news as Swing Tags are generally known already for being that valuable tag that is added to your product to tell the customer how much the product costs. It’s also the major tag that allows you to return the carousel-item of clothing you purchased 2 sizes too small. Swing tags have become a requirement for anyone who sells anything. You need your consumers to know how much something costs when they are looking at it on the shelf. If they are unsure of the cost of your product, they will be more unsure about buying your product.

You could have the swing tags added to your products match the business stationery you hand out to potential consumers that are considering your products. This means that if you met a prospect at a trade show and invited them to your store, they will instantly get a sense of familiarity when they enter your store. Your client will then feel more satisfied and will be more inclined to buy something from your store. The resulting purchase will mean a job card card-body done and the custom swing tags will be deemed a worthy purchase.

Now, we don’t want you to think that our swing tags are only aimed at businesses that offer products rather of services. If you provide a service you could reach the goal of ultimate brand texture.

Buy Swing Tags For Services

So, what if your business is selling a service rather of a product? Surely you can rest ensured that you don’t need to worry about swing tags because the natural product you sell is stored away in your brain. If you want to deem yourself as the creative type, how about you used custom swing tags but instead of adding them to products, you handed them out to potential clients, so they know who you are and how to contact you. It sounds like a business card yes, but it will be so different it will make you stand out from anyone else in your field.