Laptop Stickers

Make custom laptop stickers at StickerZone, or upload your logo to promote your business. Make your own custom stickers for any laptop or computer at StickerZone!  Our laptop stickers are sent out with efficient UK shipping.


Custom Laptop Stickers

Turn your preferred photos, characters, designs, or your business logo, all into custom laptop stickers! You can either cover your laptop with a bunch of different stickers or choose your preferred and switch them up when you’re able for a new design. For Mac users, get creative with the apple logo on the back and place your custom stickers around it and use it in your artwork. Perhaps your favourite characters trying to stretch for the apple, or jumping over it? While you can create your custom laptop stickers to cover just a portion of your laptop, you can get it to cover the whole back of the monitor, too. Just measure the size of the area you want to cover and make your sticker equally! Not only can you create the stickers on the cover of your laptop, but you can also create them to stick on the keyboard section so you can admire your stickers while you work.

Laptop Stickers

Make your custom laptop stickers utilising our high quality, glossy vinyl material in either white or clear vinyl. Our laptop stickers will stick strong and go on easily with bubble-free material. When it comes time to change your stickers, they will come off clean and leave no messy residue behind to harm your laptop. To help keep your laptop protected, while making your sticker, include your name, email, or phone number, so people can contact you if found.

Laptop Stickers UK offers a multitude of graphics to personalise your computer & belongings. Choose either a quote you love to motivate you every day or design to personalise your laptop & show some style.

Laptop Stickers produce decals suitable to apply to any smooth, clean surface. All Laptop Stickers is made from high quality, premium-grade materials designed to last.
Show off a little of your personality with a Laptop Stickers & order yours today!
All our Laptop Stickers are made and shipped from the U.K.

Laptop Stickers Vs. Transfer Stickers

Laptop Stickers Versus Transfer Stickers

If your design comfortably fits in one standard or contour shape, then custom laptop stickers are an excellent choice for you! However, if you are looking for a more complex design comprised of multiple items, we suggest placing a custom order for Transfer Stickers. Transfer Stickers are pre-masked for easy application, allowing you to adhere the transfer smoothly, evenly and bubble-free. When it’s time for a new design you can simply remove your Transfer Sticker without leaving back any sticky. Fill out the form below to order Transfer Stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have a pretty nice computer, are you sure a custom laptop sticker isn’t working to ruin it?
A: Not at all! Our lap-stock stickers are printed on heavy vinyl material so peeling off and reapplying your laptop decal is super easy and leaves definitely no adhesive residue, so all you have to worry about is having the greatest looking customized laptop round.

Q: I really like stickers that involve my Macbook’s Apple logo but they look hard to make, do you make those?
A: We sure do! Our online sticker editor has a database of stickers which include animation characters, brand logos, letters, and banners and borders – many of which would look excellent interacting with your apple logo! If you have a specific image that we don’t you can easily upload it!  Remember to resize all pictures so they fit your specific Macbook.

Q: I don’t want to pay a fortune for a laptop skin, can I make one with StickerZone?
A: We do those too! Patterned skins look fabulous and are easily removable when made with our clear vinyl material. Alternatively, you can make a laptop skin or a decal with our transfer stickers as good. As long as you have the dimensions of the behind of your laptop handy simply upload into our online editor and customize away.

Q: I thought all your custom laptop stickers were die-cuts, what’s the difference between those and transfer stickers?
A: Our custom die-cut laptop stickers are cut to outline the exact shape of your picture and have a white background. Our transfer stickers for laptops allow for designs with various parts to be made without a background. Because they’re backgrounds they’re stunning for computer stickers you want to use around apple logos. They’re delivered pre-masked to make applying them easy and smooth. Both types of laptop decals can be applied bubble-free and are quickly removable!

Q: I want a laptop sticker to look at while I utilise my computer, can I get a sticker for the keyboard area of my laptop?
A: For sure! Our die-cut laptop stickers are easily removable from the keyboard area of laptops as well! Just make sure you order your laptop decal to fit in the desired space!

Q: I have a tablet for my kids but they can get kind of messy, will my custom laptop stickers survive spills and drops?
A:  All of our custom laptop stickers are totally water and food proof so anything spilt on them can be simply wiped off. Our stickers for laptops are printed on an especially strong vinyl material creating them especially difficult to rip or tear, totally drop-proof, and kid-friendly!

Q: Can I write my contact info on my laptop stickers?
A: We support it! Our laptop stickers can be written on with any permanent marker.  Alternatively, you can add information like contact info directly on your laptop stickers to ensure no one confuses it with their own or can be returned securely if lost.

Q: Will a laptop skin or a laptop decal cause my laptop to overheat?
A: Stickers (or as they may also be known decals) will not cause your computer to overheat if they do not obstruct any heat drains.  Our Laptop Stickers are generally considered protected for any on-computer application and they can quickly manage heats generated on the surface of the computer.  We would suggest however that the laptop stickers not be placed near any heat vents or on the bottom of a laptop or on the back of desktop computers as heats there can reach 80 degrees Celsius on serious gaming machines.


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