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Custom Foil Stickers

Our Custom Foil Stickers is made of silver or gold foil paper material. Recommended for retail shops, weddings, gift wrapping and for those who are seeking a unique, stylish finish. Note that the paper material utilised for custom foil stickers are lightly less durable / water resistant related to our Gold Vinyl Stickers and Silver Vinyl Stickers that excel in water and heat exposure. Moreover, if you are viewing for foil stickers with the stamping process we recommend to review our embossed paper stickers.

  • Material

    Gold Foil Paper

    Silver Foil Paper

  • Finishing


    A no coat finish for Custom Foil Stickers, but, it has a little shine or semi-glossy on its finish. Uncoated finishing is best recommended if you are aiming for a more prestigious or luxurious look.

  • Full Colour

    These are printed in rich, full-colour applications to make sure your artwork stands out & looks vibrant.

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Welcome to the really special side of sticker town!
Silver and gold foil paper stickers are a fabulous way to make your information stand out. These foil paper stickers look incredibly eye-catching & will certainly captivate your clients. Foil finish can be applied to all our foil sticker stocks. This is surely the selection for you if you need to make a statement.

Foil Stickers

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We provide Foil Paper Stickers in its prime form, widely utilised for brand identification and beautiful designs. We develop these custom foil paper stickers in various forms and shape, with emphasis on its sticking capability. It is widely applied in the garment and indoor manufacturing for its smooth finish, premium quality and minimum price. It is one of the most successful modes of promotion at the same time providing a sense of reliability to the clients at large.

Custom Foil Paper Stickers

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Custom Foil Paper Stickers are the prominent and most required stickers of all kinds, widely utilised in offices, seminars, workshops and schools; it is utilised for manufacturing and keeping a small note or even used as a book-maker. We give a huge range of customized foil paper stickers in dynamic and bright colours, with strong sticky strength. The forms of paper utilised by us are map litho, mirror cote and fluorescent

Pick whatever colour and shape you want and don’t forget we love to customise for our customers. So feel free to tell us what you want your silver or gold foil stickers to look like, we are always up for the creative challenge!