Embossed Paper Stickers

Embossed Paper Stickers

Our Embossed Paper Stickers is made of silver or gold foil paper material. Usually used as seal stickers for documents and certificates, they can add a touch of class to wedding invitations and are perfect for gift wrapping.

Recommended for indoor use, they can be utilised outdoors for non-permanent applications.

  • Material

    Gold Foil Paper

    Silver Foil Paper

  • Finishing


    A no coat finish for Foil Paper Stickers, but, it has a limited shine or semi-glossy on its finish. Uncoated finishing is best recommended if you are aiming for a more prestigious or luxurious look.

  • Process

    By raising your image on the sticker, embossing can elegantly highlight your artwork.

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Custom Embossed Stickers

Custom Embossed Stickers are made by placing the engraved look on one side of the paper, then that image is pushed from the back and popped out the front. It creates a really gorgeous, polished and high-end effect. Finished in gold, silver, bronze or even red, if you are feeling extra fancy, these custom embossed stickers look outstanding and are all truly classy! Custom embossed stickers are ideal for certificates, promotions, gift items, awards, wedding invitations and extra special occasions.

If we had to pick the supermodel of our sticker line up then custom embossed stickers would take home the title. Flawless lines, effortless beauty, a face that’s always camera ready. These stickers have got the X factor! Perfect for weddings, parties, special occasions, gift items and promotions and set in glitzy gold, silver or beautiful bronze finishes; embossed stickers are style personified.

Built by adding the engraved picture to one side of the stock, then pushing that picture from the back to make it pop out, embossing delivers a show-stopping appearance. We have some stunning sample images below to inspire you, tell us what you like and we can make your classic embossed stickers come to life.